Makeup Review: Covergirl Full Lash Bloom

Before I give my review of this product, I would like to say a quick word about Influenster. After going over my blog posts, I realized I have never written about them. Influenster is a different kind of social media platform, where you have the chance to be part of a community of fellow reviewers sharing their opinions on all kinds of products from baby items to favorite cereals and the newest tech and gadgets. On top of that, you can be selected to review boxes in the mail full of new products waiting to be tested and reviewed. It’s absolutely free and the more you participate, the better your chances for getting selected to receive a box. You must give it a try!


That being said, thanks to Influenster for sending me a new product from Covergirl: Full Lash Bloom Mascara. Now, I am very picky when it comes to mascara. I have short, stubby eyelashes, that tend to be uncooperative and fall out at the worst times! As luck (and genetics) would have it, my brother has the most beautiful eyelashes you have ever seen. Go figure! Anyway, when I found out I was getting the Covergirl #gobloom Voxbox, I wasn’t very excited. I don’t have a lot of luck with mascara in the first place and for a mascara that boast to be light and weightless – forget it! Might as well call this one a bust. But, since I had been slacking in my online participation, I hadn’t gotten a box in a while, so I decided to give it a try. Plus, it was so cute and pink, I just had to open it!

Now, when reviewing for Influenster, you are not required to praise the product you’ve been given or even give it a good review. What good would this service be if we weren’t entirely honest. Having said that, I LOVE this mascara!!! I goes on smooth, no clumping, and barely feels like it’s there. On top of that, it comes off super easy, so you don’t have to worry about losing eyelashes every night when you’re taking your makeup off. Also, Covergirl’s website states “Full Lash Bloom Mascara is also safe for contact lens wearers and is ophthalmologically tested” which is great for a contact wearer like myself.

In summary, Covergirl Full Lash Bloom Mascara gets an A+ from me! Don’t forget to check out!

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.


Makeup Review: Avon Totally Kissable Lipstick

As an Avon Representative, I take the time every other week to order something new to try. How else are you supposed to accurately sell a product if you don’t know, first-hand, its quality? Besides, it’s a good excuse for me to buy something for myself! I was hesitant to try the new Totally Kissable lipstick introduced by Avon a few months ago. I recommending it to many people and everyone seemed to love it. However, I have never been a “lipstick girl”. Yes, when I was little, I would break into my mother’s makeup bag and try some on but for me, lipstick has never been a favorite of mine. In fact, the only time I have worn lipstick on purpose was for my high school proms and my wedding.

But, nevertheless, I am an Avon Representative. I must represent my company and the product I am offering. So, I picked a suitable color and submitted my order. When it came in, I immediately tried it on and….I LOVED IT! It was so smooth, so silky and didn’t have that “lipstick” smell. You know the one…like you’re rubbing melted crayon on your lips! And when I looked in the mirror, I was shocked at how it changed my appearance. Now, my mother has always told me, “Put some lipstick on! Your face looks pale!”. Little did I know, she was RIGHT! Finally, my face looked complete. 

I have never been happier with an Avon product. Yes, my makeup bag is filled with all sorts of Avon products and gadgets but I will have to say…I actually enjoy putting on my lipstick now. No matter where I am, I always try to find an excuse to put it on. It makes me feel beautiful! And to a woman, there is nothing more important than feeling beautiful. It changes your entire demeanor. So, for my official makeup review, I will have to give this product an A++!  

Don’t take my word for it! Try it today! Tell your Avon rep you want to try Avon’s Totally Kissable lipstick. Don’t have a representative! Looks like it’s your lucky day! Visit my website for a full line of colors at 

(This wonderful lipstick has also been featured in Women’s Health magazine as well as Teen Vogue! Talk about national recognition!)

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Makeup Review: Fan Faves

I have been selling Avon for about two years now and am so thankful for the products I have found. Just wanted to share a few of my favorites with you.

First of all, I have always had issues with finding a foundation that works for me. I have a bad habit of touching my face a lot throughout the day. With other foundations I have used, by the time I got home from school or work, my face was splotchy and my makeup faded. But with this product, along with a good translucent powder, my makeup stays put all day.

I would be completely lost without my Glimmerstick eyeliner. It goes on smooth and stays on for all-day wear. Plus, it has the added shimmer to the color to give your eyes that extra pop. I use the Waterproof formula because my eyes water a lot, so it helps the eyeliner to stay put.

Lastly, I have fallen in love with the 8-in-1 eye palettes, the neutral tones and water colors. The colors stay on pretty well and blend together nicely. The biggest disadvantage is that the color selection is not the best but, for the price, it is a great deal.

This is the only plug I will make for myself and my Avon business (haha) but I will let you in on any new products I find. If you are interested in browsing Avon’s great makeup selection, visit and for ordering, feel free to contact me at