Secrets To a Diaper Stockpile

As a mommy-to-be, there is no way for you to fathom the amount of diapers you are actually going to need, just in the first year of your child’s life. However, as any seasoned mommy veteran can tell you, diapers are, by far, the most essential must-have on your baby registry. When we were expecting little man, we were very blessed to receive diapers in such a great quantity. I don’t think I actually needed to buy any until he was about 6 months old. That, in fact, was when I discovered the joys of couponing and just how much it can save your budget when it comes to diapers.


Here are a few tips to get you started and help you save a bundle on your little bundle!

  1. Join a Facebook group.  There are tons of Facebook groups devoted to couponing and you can usually find a group dedicated to one particular store. I have found that CVS is the BEST place to find diaper deals, followed by Target and Walgreens. It can be quite challenging, especially in the beginning, to research the weekly ad and coupons that go with it to find the best deal. That’s why these groups are so helpful. You can see what deals everyone else have been getting and any problems they may have run into. Usually, your fellow couponers are willing to help you if you might have questions or problems. WARNING: Since most couponers are women, these groups are full of DRAMA! Not much can be done about that, so just stick to the facts and avoid the conflict. Another great thing about these groups is that you can post your own deals, which will definitely boost your ego as a couponer. 
  2. Start printing and clipping coupons. Find a good coupon database (My favorite is here at Southern Savers.) and start searching for your favorite brand. I am a loyal Pampers mom but I will tell you, Huggies does have the best deals and usually has better coupons. The general rule is that every IP, or Internet Printable, coupon can be printed twice per device. My advice is to print every Huggies and Pampers coupon (or your favorite brand) that you come across. You might not need it today but you will probably need it soon. Huggies usually has a pretty great deal somewhere every few weeks. If you buy the Sunday paper, check the coupon inserts for diaper coupons as well. Let your friends and family know you are in need of diaper coupons if they come across any. Get a good coupon organizer for your purse (I got mine at Target. Here’s a link.) to keep yourself organized. I always have mine with me, just in case! 🙂 Trust me, this will help your sanity! 
  3. Know Your Store. It is very important to know the coupon policy at each store where you coupon. Also, become familiar with their rewards programs, so you can use them to their fullest benefit. For example, CVS has an Extra Care Card that keeps track of your purchases and will give your coupons based on your shopping habits. Every Sunday (the beginning of the weekly ads), you can go to your local CVS, scan your Extra Care Card at their Coupon Center (also known as the redbox) and in store coupons will automatically print. Next, you can download the CVS app and link your Extra Care Card and on Monday mornings, new coupons will be added to your card (you can also see these on their website). Both of these are CVS coupons that can be combined with manufacturer coupons. It will be slow going but after a few shopping trips for diapers, you will start to get coupons just for a diaper purchase.
  4. Be Prepared. Make a list before you go shopping. Write down what items you will be purchasing, the coupons you will be using and any rewards you should be getting back from your purchase. That way, if you know what to expect and how much to expect. It may seem like a lot of work, but this will keep you organized and make the trip quick and painless.
  5. Be Organized. You have to understand what goes through the cashier’s mind as you walk towards her with your coupons. Let’s face it, people are rude! And couponers are the worst! So, number one rule is to be nice to your cashier because she can make or break your deal. Before you enter the checkout line, make sure you have all the products you came for, get your rewards card ready (if applicable), get your coupons together and have your phone ready for any mobile coupons you may have.
  6. Pay Attention. Watch as your cashier rings up your products and scans your coupons. Make sure everything come up for the correct price and that your coupons all scan correctly. And because you are organized, you will know if something is wrong if the total is not what you expected. Remember, if you see something wrong with your receipt after the fact, you can always go to customer service or back to the cashier and try to figure out what happened.

Anyone can do this with a little work, so don’t be intimidated, be determined. You don’t know just how good you will feel to save money on something so necessary. I posted a few of my most recent diaper hauls in another post here, so go check them out to get a feel for how this work. Please let me know if you have any questions and I will be happy to help! Happy Couponing!


One thought on “Secrets To a Diaper Stockpile

  1. Stephen Bell (@stephenjbell) says:

    My wife and I had twins back in November, and I did a lot of diaper stockpiling. After going through that experience, and doing a lot of calculations and estimating, I figured out that I could streamline the whole process and make things a little easier for myself and other parents. If you need an estimate of how many diapers you’ll need at different sizes, give my website a try: (free, no registration)

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