6 Must-Have Cash Back Apps

Technology. Where would we be without it? I can’t tell you a moment in time that I am not using it for some reason or another. I wake up to the alarm clock on my smartphone, turn my husband’s Xbox on to watch T.V. in the morning and turn on Pandora on my iPad when I’m cleaning the house. I set my little man up in his playpen to watch VeggieTales while I exercise and watch Netflix on my iPad while I run. Even my fitness comes from my iPhone. So, it’s not a surprise that the world of couponing as moved into the age of technology. The newest improvement on saving and making money – cash back applications for your smartphone.

I’m going to share with you 6 of my favorite money saving apps that even a beginner can use. I promise these are so easy, you would be crazy not to use them. Among the 6 of them, I have made $243.33 since August. Exciting, huh? And this is no get-rich-quick scheme obviously. Now, $243 is a lot for me but not exactly enough to quit my day job…oh, wait…nevermind, back to the point.


ShopKick. Now usually, we always save the best for last but who’s to say you won’t get bored half way through the post and move on to something else? So, I will start with my favorite. This has got to be the most fun I have had making money. This app will bring up a list of stores in your location (if you have Location Services turned on or you can use your zip code) and will let you know if there are any kicks available for you. Target is my favorite because, well, who doesn’t like shopping at Target and if I’m going to get rewarded for it, all the more reason to go.

Start by clicking on Target (or whichever store is available). On the left you will see Walk-In Kicks available. Yes, easy as that. All you have to do is walk in the store with your app turned on (also, make sure your WIFI and Bluetooth are turned on when you are doing this) and you are given “kicks” or points.

In the middle, you will see any scans available. This one can be a little harder because you do have to find a certain product in the store and scan the barcode. Not necessarily a difficult task but sometimes it can be time consuming. You will be asked to answer a few questions when you scan regarding whether or not you purchased the item you scanned. Feel free to answer them but it is not necessary to get your kicks. You can simply “x” out of them if you prefer.

On the right side, you will see Kicks for Purchases. This means you will be rewarded for any purchases made at this particular store. This is done by linking your MasterCard or Visa to your account and using that card when making purchases. Unfortunately, this is not available at every store but I have gotten a lot of kicks from stores like Best Buy, Carter’s and Old Navy.

You can then exchange you rewards for gift cards but only in certain increments. My advice is to view your rewards and decide on a goal so you can have something to work for. With this app, I have gotten $68 in gift cards, mostly to Target, of course. Now, use this link (you get points for referring with your link) and go download the app. It’s FREE! Why not??


Checkout 51 is super easy. You get a new list of offers every week, running Thursday to Wednesday. Just use the app to take a picture of your grocery receipt and select the offers you purchased. Bam! Money back! Usually there are limits to the number of items you get credit for but there are no store limits, so you can download a receipt from anywhere! So far, $29 from this app.


Saving Star is also a grocery app. This one is sometimes a slow earner. The thing to do is to make sure you add any items to your list that you might purchase, so they don’t disappear before you redeem them. With this app, you can link your store loyalty cards or download your receipt. This app does have store limits, so make sure the store your buying from is on this list. I’ve earned $46.27 since I started.


Ibotta. My second favorite. This one is slightly more complicated but also has a higher earning potential. With this app, you can view rebates based on which store you’re shopping at. Same as the Saving Star app, you must unlock these rebates to save them to your list before they disappear. When you make your purchase, you must scan your product and then download your receipt. You also get bonuses if you and your team (linked from your Facebook friends) meet the monthly bonus requirements. My total earnings from this app are currently at $59 and still growing. If you’d like to sign up, my referral code is 2hdzg.


Snap by Groupon is rather new but it’s simple. You have a list of offers and you must download your receipt. Pay close attention. This one sometimes offers great rebates on diapers. I’ve made $23.50 with this one.

download (1)

Jingit can be a great app but it does take time for you to earn because its doesn’t update its offers as often. The cool thing about this app is not only does it offer apps on items you purchase but you can watch videos for cash back and you can check-in an item at a particular store (just like ShopKick). Just like always, snatch up a rebate while it’s available. These offers disappear fast and when you add an item to your list, you only have 1-2 days to redeem it. I’m still waiting to cash my first check from this app. I’m currently at $17.56. 

I know all that information was a bit overwhelming. Just try these out and I’m sure you will love them. Besides, who doesn’t like free money for things you are already buying? Happy Shopping!


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