*Knock, knock* Avon calling…



In Avon leadership training, they always tell you –

“Don’t ask ‘Do you want to sell Avon?’. It’s like asking ‘Do you want chickenpox?’.”

I had been selling Avon for 2 years when I was thrust into the world of Avon Sales Leadership. Like most things I end up doing, if I had known what I was getting myself into, I never would have started. Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad I’m doing it now but it was a whirlwind of a start.

It all started when a friend of mine started asking questions about how Avon works. I casual answered his questions, not paying it much attention. People ask about it all time – just casual conversation. But the more questions he asked, the more excited he became. The next week, he signed up to sell Avon under me. I didn’t know how exactly that worked other than I made money when he made money. When my Avon leader called (who I hadn’t spoken to in at least a year), she asked “so, you want to begin in sales leadership?”

– Wait, what? Sales leadership? That is not what I signed up for? That sounds complicated and like too much work.

She signed him up for me and before I knew it, the district manager was calling to congratulate me on my first recruit. She explained that I needed 5 recruits under my leadership for me to get the title of Unit Leader and begin making money off my “team”.

– Again, team? Sounds too hard!

She also explained that if I could get 2 more recruits in the next few weeks, I could get a $175 bonus. Even more, if I could get 5 total recruits in 5 consecutive campaigns (10 weeks), I could get a $725 bonus. Now that’s what I’m talking about! Suddenly, this was all starting to sound worth it. So, I thought ‘ok, I’ll get these people signed up, get my money and be done with it.’ But that all changed when I met my district manager.

Within 3 weeks, I had signed up 5 people, been to the mall to set up a booth and attended a leadership training class. I just received my $725 bonus in the mail and I plan to continue growing my business and my team in the weeks to come. I have been so motivated to succeed in this great company and I look forward to all it has in store for me.

Visit www.youravon.com/epowers to learn more about the Avon Opportunity!


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