Merry Christmas!!!

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! I know I’m a little late to be posting about Christmas but it has been a busy holiday season at the Powers Household. We had a total of 2 work Christmas parties, 1 church cantata, 1 Christmas wedding, and 6 family Christmas get-togethers (within 2 days), all in one month! I feel like I have been running 100 miles an hour! Finally, time to relax and enjoy the new year. First things first, I must take down the Christmas decorations and, most importantly, the tree. It is a sad occasion – taking down the Christmas tree. But we must move forward and start the new year.

All the running around we did – all the time split with families – was stressful but definitely worth it. I do have to share with your, the gift that tops my Christmas list this year. It was not something I had asked for intentionally. (I did pick on my dad and bug him for one…all jokingly, of course). It was not something I would have ever guessed would be under the tree. They saved it for last and everyone stopped and started as I opened the small, white shirt box. As a rummaged through the tissue paper, I see it. It’s brown and leather and lying all by itself at the bottom of the box. My heart skips a beat! I know exactly what this means and my insides feel as if they will explode! As my mind races with thoughts of “No way…this can’t be what I think it is!” and “There’s no way they would spend that on me!”, I pull a sheet of paper from the box and this is how it reads:

This certificate entitles the holder to one custom crafted F5 style mandolin chosen from current stock.



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