“Do you hear what I hear?” – the little lamb

Operation Christmas Sheep

Our story begins on Christmas morning. We are up early and packing the car to head to my parents house for Christmas breakfast. The dogs love going to see Uncle Scottie and Aunties Sydney Sophie (my parents dogs), although they are not as enthusiastic about our visits. As we make the turn up the hill, in the distance, a herd of sheep stands grazing in the field. Casey is, of course, an Australian Cattle Dog and anything that looks like it can be herded excites her. She presses her nose against the glass of the car window and begins whining as we pass the field. Shelby leans again the backseat, unconcerned by the passing livestock. Honestly, she is rather unconcerned with most things in life.

The excitement begins as we open the door and the household is filled with clicking doggie feet and barking from a fairly annoyed Sydney. She is in charge of this household and quite bothered by the hellions who interrupted her mid-morning nap. Finally things calm down. Presents can be unwrapped and breakfast can be served.

This is where we should have picked up on the conversation going on amongst our dogs. Now, you may thinks dogs are just dogs and have no ability to plot or plan. If only this were true. These pictures depict the beginning of the end to our blissful family Christmas.

Shelby: Casey, do you see what I see?

Casey: Nope

Shelby: Those look like fun!

Casey: Oooo…I see!! I see!!

Shelby: Think we can take ’em?

Casey: Oh, yeah!

Travis: Whatcha see, Shelby?

Shelby: You see them too! Good, that makes things easier.

Casey: Yeah, dad. I think we need to pee now. Can we go outside?

Shelby: Ok. Operation Christmas Sheep is a go! Be cool…be cool. And remember, you distract them and I’ll do the rest.

Casey: That’s right. More pictures! I’m so go at this distraction thing…and I look soooo GOOD!

Moments later. The yard was filled with yells and screams…followed by falling and flailing. She escaped the yard and headed straight for the fence line. By this time, I was out the door and running towards the woods. I caught sight of her just as she had positioned herself in the trees, stalking her prey. What happened next can only be described as pure madness. One holler from momma and she knew she had been caught. Time to attack! And they were off. From the dog who sleeps 20 hours a day and never shows much interest in anything or anyone, I have never seen such excitement! This was definitely what she had asked for for Christmas! She chased the puffs of fluff round and round the field. Into the fold and back out. Around the tree. Down the hill. By the time everything was over, we were all covered in mud and manure and Shelby had pieces of sheep fur sticking out of her mouth. She had succeeded in excercising the sheep and making mommy and daddy look like complete idiots!

Mission Accomplish!

And what have we learned…



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