Winter Nails!

┬áToday, I am reviewing some nail polish I bought for the winter season. I wanted something simple that still said “Winter is here”.



Sally Hansen Hard As Nails “Hard to Get”




Sinful Colors “Queen of Beauty”

Both were bought at Walmart and both have held up pretty well. I did apply both a base coat and a top coat from my Avon catalog that I like very well. Here’s the finished product. Not a very good picture but you get the gist of it.


I love the look of it – kind of reminds me of snow and it was super easy to apply. However, I have only had it on two days and the Sally Hansen has started to chip in the front. But overall, I give them a two thumbs up!

What are your favorite Christmas nail polishes?


It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Well, we finally got our Christmas tree yesterday! Travis was in charge of picking it up since I was working late and well, I can’t very well carry a tree by myself! However, I got home to see a huge tree standing on my front porch, barricading my front door. They always look smaller on the lot than when you get them home. Nothing a saw couldn’t fix! So, crisis averted.




















The lights went up much easier and look beautiful, thanks my perfectionist husband. However, the dogs were much too curious and were into everything.

The tree finally got decorated, no thanks to my ornament stealing velociraptors. And we’re ready now to start on the rest of the house! Merry Christmas!