Doggie Review: The Kong

Everyone that owns a dog knows how important it is to find a toy your dog loves and one that is made well. Now, many owners can buy their dog a toy that will last for years and be their lifetime friend. However, there are others who struggle just to keep the stuffing out of the floor from the last birthday present. This is one reason my dogs got the nickname “the Velociraptors”. From the very beginning, we spent a fortune trying to find a toy that would last more than a week in our house. Then we discovered something amazing…THE KONG!!! (dramatic music)

This is the classic Kong. We purchased ours when Casey was about 4 months old and eating everything in sight. They are labeled as “indestructible”  toys and for “heavy duty” chewers. And I am here to tell you, they are not lying! We have had the same Kong for almost 2 years now. It has been through two puppies, tug-o-war fights and believe it or not, has survived numerous tussles with the lawn mower and has come out unscathed. The great thing about these is that they are not only bouncy and flexible, but you can put stuff in them! There is an opening in the bottom of the toy for treats or, better yet, peanut butter. This will keep your pup busy for hours.

This little guy has truly been a favorite for my dogs. We got one to start out with and had to go back and get another because they loved it so much. Stuffed animals have always been a favorite for the velociraptors – they even stole Santa Claus off the table last year at Christmas. But unfortunately, our stuffed animal friends tend to have a short lifespan once they get to our house. But these Cozies really impressed me. We have had them for two months and just the other day, they ripped one a little. It’s actually a little frustrating for them because they sit and try to tear it apart with no luck.

So, go support your nearest pet store or animal clinic and purchase a Kong. Velociraptor Approved.


One thought on “Doggie Review: The Kong

  1. dannigirl2013 says:

    I’m def going to have to try these out! Kyleigh may be small, but she can put a hurtin’ on stuffed animals. And Keiko goes through “rabbits” almost everyday! Maybe these would last her longer! Thanks for the review!

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